How It Works

You’ll Never Stop
To Pay A Toll

With RiverLink’s state-of-the-art system, paying tolls is quick and easy. You never need to wait in line at a tollbooth or need exact change for a coin machine. In fact, you never even need to slow down.

See How All-Electronic Tolling Works

All-Electronic Tolling Keeps You On The Move

The RiverLink system keeps you moving at highway speeds while it records your crossing in one of two ways. Bridges are equipped with sensors and video cameras. Depending on the payment method you choose, sensors recognize the transponder placed on your vehicle’s windshield or cameras take a picture of your license plate. If you’ve set up a pre-paid account, your toll is deducted automatically. If you haven’t set up a pre-paid account, you’ll receive a bill for your toll in the mail. Either way the system keeps you on the go– so you can get to your destination with no hassle.