Commercial and Fleet Vehicles

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How does RiverLink classify commercial vehicles?

RiverLink toll rates are based on vehicle height and number of axles.

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Which bridges are tolled?

RiverLink tolling is in place on the Abraham Lincoln Bridge (I­-65 North), the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge (I-65 South) and the Lewis and Clark Bridge (SR 265/KY 841) connecting Prospect, KY and Utica, IN.

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How does a RiverLink commercial account work?

RiverLink commercial accounts are prepaid accounts that can include an unlimited number of vehicles.

A commercial account can be opened by visiting a customer service center, calling customer service or registering online. Have this information handy for each vehicle you want to register: make, model, year, color and license plate number/state. Businesses that choose to visit a customer service center should bring an easy-to-read sheet with all vehicle information.

 Commercial accounts require an opening minimum balance of $20 per vehicle. Businesses should consider auto-replenishment to ensure positive account balances and to always pay the lowest toll rates.

Commercial accounts do not qualify for the frequent-user discount. This discount is available only for Class 1 passenger vehicles assigned to a personal RiverLink account.

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Transponder Options

As with personal accounts, commercial account holders can use a RiverLink local transponder or a RiverLink E-ZPass transponder.

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E-ZPass Transponder Interoperability

If your company already uses E-ZPass transponders from another tolling system, these transponders will work on the Kentucky-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges.

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Toll Management Services

If your company uses a toll management service that is compatible with the E-ZPass network (such as BestPass), your system will work on the Kentucky-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges.


Weight Limits and Special Hauling Permits

Although RiverLink is the tolling system for bridges in the Louisville-Southern Indiana area, RiverLink is not the operator (as is the case with some toll roads). For information about commercial vehicle regulations and permits, please visit these websites:

State of Indiana Motor Carrier Services

Commonwealth of Kentucky Motor Carrier Services