Traveler Tips

Traveling to or Through the Louisville Area?

Learn which Louisville-Southern Indiana bridges are tolled and find out how to pay the lowest toll rates. 

Visitor Information

Have a Non-RiverLink Transponder?

While some out-of-state transponders work with the RiverLink system, others do not.

Transponders From Other States

Renting a Vehicle?

Whether you live locally or out of town, a little advance preparation could help you save on tolls.

Rental Car Tolling Options

About RiverLink

RiverLink is the tolling system for the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project. Tolling is in place on the Abraham Lincoln Bridge (I­65 North), the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge (I-65 South) and the Lewis and Clark Bridge (SR 265/KY 841) connecting Prospect, KY and Utica, IN.

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