Tolling Options and Rates

Save on Tolls by Knowing Your Options

The best way to make sure you pay the lowest toll rates is to set up a prepaid account and get a transponder, even if you don’t plan to cross the bridges often. You can also choose to have a prepaid account without a transponder, but this option costs more. For more details, view the toll rate chart.

Prepaid Account With Transponder

Sensors read a transponder on the windshield and the toll is deducted from the customer’s prepaid account. 

Prepaid Account Without Transponder

The vehicle’s license plate is photographed and the toll is deducted from the customer’s prepaid account. 

No Account (Pay by Mail/Pay by Plate)

The vehicle’s license plate is photographed. The toll can be paid online or an invoice will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.
For customers who want to pay the transponder rate without opening a prepaid account, we also offer a RiverLink starter kit available at select retail locations.
Vehicle classification is determined by vehicle height and the number of axles. Added height to a vehicle (roof top luggage, accessories, and/or cargo exceeding 7 ½ feet) or added axles (pulling a trailer or boat) will result in higher toll rates. These crossings do not qualify for the frequentuser discount.

Decide What Works Best for You

To keep traffic moving smoothly, RiverLink uses an all-electronic tolling system. Customers have several convenient options to pay tolls. Compare the options and decide what works best for you.

Don’t Use Tolled Ohio River Bridges Often?

The little time and effort it takes to get a transponder can really save you money, even if you don’t cross the bridges very often. See for yourself:

Jill uses the tolled bridges twice a year, when she drives to Chicago to visit family. That’s four crossings (two round trips).

Cost with Prepaid Account and Transponder: $8.60 

Cost Without an Account: $17.24 

Savings: $8.64 A Year

Account balance rolls over month to month.

James uses the tolled bridges every other month, when he takes his mother to doctor’s appointments across the river. That’s 12 crossings (six round trips). 

Cost with Prepaid Account and Transponder: $25.80 

Cost Without an Account: $51.72 

Savings: $25.92 a Year