RiverLink transponders ordered online will be mailed to you when available (this may take several weeks) and are NOT available for pickup at either Walk-Up Center.
If a vehicle's license plate(s) are listed accurately on the RiverLink account, then RiverLink account-holders in good standing will automatically receive the transponder rate while awaiting transponder delivery. This includes eligibilty for the Frequent User Discount.

About RiverLink

RiverLink is the tolling system for the Louisville­-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project. The project includes the new Abraham Lincoln Bridge in downtown Louisville (I­-65), the revamping of the existing Kennedy Bridge in downtown Louisville (also I­-65), the new Lewis And Clark Bridge connecting the extension of the Snyder Freeway (I­-265) with Southern Indiana (state road 265) and the rebuilding of the I­-65, I­-64 and I­-71 interchanges. The system features all­-electronic tolling, which requires no toll booths, no coin machines, no lines and no stopping.

Introduction: About RiverLink


Incredibly High Demand for RiverLink Transponders

January 2, 2017 |


Tolling Scheduled to Begin Early Friday

December 29, 2016 |


Tolling On Ohio River Bridges to begin December 30

December 13, 2016 |


How All-Electronic Tolling Works

Tolling takes place on the Abraham Lincoln Bridge, the Kennedy Bridge and the new Lewis And Clark Bridge. Sensors and video cameras are placed on each of these bridges. Drivers have the choice of using a transponder or having the system capture a photo of their license plate. Read More...


A transponder is an electronic device that typically is placed inside the front windshield of your vehicle. There are two types of RiverLink transponders. One type is a RiverLink local transponder that works only on the local tolled bridges within the Greater Louisville/Southern Indiana Metro area. Your first local tag per vehicle is free. Read More...

Registered Plate Capture

Those choosing not to use a transponder may also open a prepaid account and register their license plate with the system. With each crossing, cameras will recognize the license plate and automatically deduct the proper toll from the account. Read More...

Unregistered Plate Capture

The third option requires no preregistration. Each vehicle’s license plate is photographed and the owner is sent an invoice in the mail. This method has the highest tolls as administrative costs are highest. Read More...

Vehicle Classification
& Description

Toll with

Toll with Registered Plate Capture

Toll with Unregistered Plate Capture

Passenger Vehicle
2-axle up to 7 ½ feet in height
$2 $3 $4

Medium Vehicle
2-axle more than 7 ½ feet in height

Medium Vehicle
All 3-axle
$5 $6 $7

Medium Vehicle
All 4-axle

Large Vehicle
5-axle or more
$10 $11 $12