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About RiverLink

RiverLink is the tolling system for the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project. The project includes the new Abraham Lincoln Bridge in downtown Louisville (I­-65), the revamping of the existing Kennedy Bridge in downtown Louisville (also I­-65), a new Lewis and Clark Bridge connecting the extension of the Snyder Freeway (I­-265) with Southern Indiana (state road 265) and the rebuilding of the I­-65, I­-64 and I­-71 interchanges. The system features all­-electronic tolling, which requires no toll booths, no coin machines, no lines and no stopping.

Introduction: About RiverLink


A Year of RiverLink Tolling, A Year of Growth

Number of prepaid accounts and transponders nearly doubles

The first year of tolling on three bridges connecting Louisville and Southern Indiana saw significant growth in the number of RiverLink prepaid accounts and the number of RiverLink transponders requested. Nearly 150,000 RiverLink prepaid accounts were opened in the first year of tolling and nearly 335,000 transponders requested.

“We’re encouraged to see both the number of RiverLink accounts opened and transponders requested nearly double in the first year of tolling,” said Megan McLain, innovative finance manager with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. “But, we want to see more drivers crossing the bridges with transponders in this second year of tolling. Having a prepaid account and transponder is the easiest and most cost-effective way to cross a tolled bridge. It saves drivers money.”

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Tolling Body Supports Pay-By-Plate Option

Other improvements planned for RiverLink

The Joint Board and Tolling Body met today and approved amendments to bylaws and amended business rules for RiverLink, the all-electronic tolling system for the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project.

The Joint Board and Tolling Body include transportation and finance leaders from Indiana and Kentucky. The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) commissioner, the Indiana public finance director, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet secretary and the Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority (KPTIA) chairman, or their designees, make up the Joint Board. The Tolling Body includes the four Joint Board members and an appointed member from each state.

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Steady Crossings, Drivers Save with RiverLink Accounts

Millions could be saved by opening prepaid accounts

The third quarter of tolling on three bridges connecting Louisville and Southern Indiana saw a steady number of crossings, but no significant growth in the number of drivers using transponders to cross the tolled bridges. There were more than 7.7 million crossings of the three tolled bridges in July, August and September. On average, 61 percent of weekday drivers used transponders while crossing the tolled bridges.

“Tolling has been in place for nearly a year, and it’s important all drivers understand that crossing a tolled bridge with a prepaid account and transponder will save them money, no matter how often they use the bridges,” said Megan McLain, innovative finance manager with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. “The cost savings are substantial.”

In the third quarter, more than one million crossings were made each month without a transponder. A driver saves $2 per crossing when using a prepaid account and transponder. Drivers could have saved nearly $7 million with prepaid accounts and transponders.

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How All-Electronic Tolling Works

Tolling takes place on the Abraham Lincoln Bridge, the Kennedy Bridge and the new Lewis and Clark Bridge. Sensors and video cameras are placed on each of these bridges. Drivers have the choice of using a transponder or having the system capture a photo of their license plate.


A transponder is an electronic device that typically is placed inside the front windshield of your vehicle. There are two types of RiverLink transponders. One type is a RiverLink local transponder that works only on the local tolled bridges within the Greater Louisville/Southern Indiana Metro area. Your first local tag per vehicle is free.

Registered Plate Capture

Those choosing not to use a transponder may also open a prepaid account and register their license plate with the system. With each crossing, cameras will recognize the license plate and automatically deduct the proper toll from the account.

Unregistered Plate Capture

The third option requires no preregistration. Each vehicle’s license plate is photographed and the owner is sent an invoice in the mail. This method has the highest tolls as administrative costs are highest.

For passenger vehicles with roof top luggage, accessories, and/or cargo, if the height exceeds 7 ½ feet, you will be charged as a medium vehicle, $5.00 if you have a transponder. Please click here for more information on RiverLink tolling rates. Vehicles may be re-classified to a higher rate due to the height of cargo or due to pulling a trailer. These crossing do not qualify for the Frequent User Discount.