Miscellaneous FAQs

How much does it cost to cross one of the tolled bridges?

Toll rates vary based on vehicle classification and whether the driver has a prepaid account and transponder. For details, view the toll rate chart.

Who determines toll rates and sets tolling policies?

A bi-state Tolling Body sets toll rates and policy. The Tolling Body is made up of the chairperson of the Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority (KPTIA), the secretary of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the commissioner of the Indiana Department of Transportation, the director of the Indiana Finance Authority (IFA), or their designees as well as one additional member of KPTIA and one additional member of the IFA.

Are any vehicles exempt from tolling?

Transit Authority of River City (TARC) buses and authorized emergency vehicles registered with RiverLink are exempt from RiverLink tolls.

If a tractor or tow truck is pulling a vehicle that belongs to another company or individual, who is responsible for the toll?

One toll charge is assigned when a vehicle is in tow, with the toll assigned to the tractor or tow truck when possible. If the toll cannot be assigned to the tractor or tow truck, an invoice is sent to the owner of the towed vehicle. Check with towing companies for their specific policies regarding tolls.

When will tolling end?

Tolling will continue until all of the project’s financial obligations are satisfied, estimated to be 2053. Future policy makers will determine whether tolls continue to be necessary.