A new provider is in place

RiverLink has been undergoing some big changes this year. As of September 1, 2023, our new toll service provider is in place providing you with a local customer service team and on-the-ground call center, updated walk-up centers, and new tolling equipment.

As we’re completing the transition, now is the perfect time to set up your prepaid RiverLink account and get a transponder. Eligible drivers who owe tolls can sign up for a prepaid account and tolls are lowered to transponder rates. You’ll save more than $2.50 per crossing!

One-time payment

Do you have a new bill you need to pay?

Have your bill and license plate numbers ready to make a quick one-time payment.

As part of the transition, there are some important things customers need to know.

Why are crossings made months ago posting to my account or getting billed now?

As part of the transition, all crossings for drivers without prepaid accounts and transponders (including crossings with transponders that didn’t read on a particular crossing) were put on hold beginning April 1.  With our new provider in place, we are currently processing these previously held transactions and customers can expect to see these reflected in monthly bills. Catching up will take some time, and customers may not see all of their held transactions for several months.

How long will it take to catch up billing?

Transactions are expected to be completely caught up by early 2024.

What if I need more time to pay?

If you receive a bill and you need more time to pay the owed amount, we can set up a payment plan. Payment plans can be established at any time by reaching out to customer service. A down payment of 10% of tolls and fees owed, and a minimum payment amount over a specified time period, is required. Payment plans are issued per account, and customers are eligible for one payment plan every 12 months. Once started, no additional bills can be added to the established plan.

What if I already have an account?

As long as your transponder is read while crossing, all transactions have been captured as they typically would. If a crossing occurred and your transponder was not read, these transactions (v-tolls) were part of the held transactions and are now being processed, so it’s important to ensure your account is fully funded and auto-replenishment has a valid payment method in place. Auto replenishment customers with v-tolls may see multiple charges as outstanding amounts are processed and their balance is restored to the minimum threshold.

Am I going to incur fees from these held transactions?

You will not see any fees applied until a first toll notice on a bill goes unpaid.

Why is my Frequent User Discount not being applied as soon as I hit the qualifying number of crossings each month?

With our new toll service provider, the 50% credit for eligible customers will now be applied the month following the crossings.  The discount will continue at the same rate it always has, but eligible customers will see this credit applied to their account within the first 15 days of the following month.

Additionally, v-tolls will also now count towards the Frequent User Discount! With the delay in processing v-tolls, it may take several months before these customers see the discount applied.

Billing made easy!

We know bills aren’t fun, but we can at least make them easy. If you currently do not have a prepaid account in good standing, you will no longer need to juggle multiple bills for multiple crossings. All crossings and unpaid tolls will be captured in one, consolidated monthly bill per vehicle. 

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