Frequent-User Discount

Note: The frequent-user discount is per transponder, not per account.

How the Frequent-User Discount Works

To qualify for the frequent-user discount, forty (40) crossings (20 round trips) on tolled bridges are required in a calendar month. Only trips taken in a passenger vehicle with a RiverLink transponder registered to a personal account in good standing count toward the forty crossings. For each transponder that qualifies, RiverLink will apply a 50 percent credit to the account for the first 40 crossings and apply a 50 percent discount to any additional crossings made using the qualifying transponder during the same calendar month.

Customers don’t have to do anything to set up or track the frequent-user discount program. The frequent-user discount is automatic. When the month closes, transactions will be tallied and if a customer qualifies, the full credit will be applied to the account.

A few things to know:

  • Make sure you have enough money in the prepaid account to cover all trips BEFORE THE DISCOUNT IS APPLIED. Trips taken with a $0.00 or negative balance will not count toward the frequent-user discount. Therefore, prepay all trips at the full rate. For example: 40 trips at $2.05 per crossing = $82. Consider auto-replenishment for your account to always maintain a positive balance.
  • The 40 trips associated with the frequent-user discount are per transponder, not per account. Only the RiverLink E-ZPass transponder can be moved from vehicle to vehicle registered to the same personal account. You can target a single E-ZPass transponder for the majority of trips.
  • Only crossings in passenger vehicles are eligible. Additional height on a 2-axle vehicle (accessories, ladders or cargo more than 7 ½ feet tall) or additional axles (pulling a boat or trailer) changes vehicle classification and those trips will not count toward the discount.
Only drivers with personal accounts in good standing are eligible for the frequent-user discount. When a customer qualifies, the frequent-user discount is applied automatically.