Locally Or Regionally, RiverLink Keeps You On The Go

The RiverLink system offers you two different transponders to choose from. If you only travel locally, the RiverLink local transponder is all you’ll need. It sticks to your windshield right by your rear view mirror so you’ll hardly know it’s there. Once placed on your windshield, this type of transponder cannot be removed without destroying it. If you own more than one vehicle, you can get up to four transponders–one for each of your vehicles–and all four can be linked together in a single account. Your first RiverLink local transponder, per vehicle, is free.

Regional Travel

If you travel around the country, you may wish to purchase a RiverLink E-ZPass transponder. It lets you access the entire 16-state E-ZPass system so you can keep on the move without stopping at toll booths. This transponder also fits neatly on your windshield and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. The cost for the RiverLink E-ZPass transponder is $15.

Choosing And Installing Your Transponder

Transponder Choice #1

  • Local use only
  • Adheres to windshield
  • Non­-transferable
  • First transponder is free

Transponder Choice #2

  • E-ZPass transponder usable in 16 states
  • Adheres to windshield
  • Portable from vehicle to vehicle
  • Transponder cost is $15