Auto-Replenishment FAQs

What is auto-replenishment?

When customers select auto-replenishment and have a valid payment method on file, their RiverLink prepaid account will always have a positive balance. When the account reaches a low balance, the replenishment amount is automatically added to the account using the payment method on file. Customers can opt in for text message alerts when the account is replenished. 

The minimum account balance to trigger auto-replenishment for an account is $6.00 or 30% of the replenishment amount, whichever is higher. The minimum replenishment amount is $20.00. However, as noted in the FAQ What auto-replenishment level should I choose?, consider matching your auto-replenishment level to your monthly toll usage. 

Auto-replenishment methods can be managed online, by phone or at a customer service center. 

What auto-replenishment level should I choose?

Choose a replenishment level that matches expected monthly toll expenses. For example, if a customer crosses 20 times a month in a passenger vehicle (which has a toll rate of $2.52 per crossing, as of July 2023), that person should consider a replenishment amount of $51.  

Why is my auto-replenishment not working?

If the credit card associated with the account expires or is not valid, auto-replenishment will not work. Add a secondary, back-up payment source in case the first payment method fails.