Registration cannot be renewed when repeated notices are unpaid

Drivers in Indiana and Kentucky who owe tolls to the two states, via RiverLink, will have a hold placed on their vehicle registration when a toll is not paid after repeated notices. A hold is placed on a vehicle registration after a toll is unpaid, and at least four RiverLink toll notices have been sent to the customer.

The first notice, second notice, violation notice and collections notice are mailed over a minimum of a 135-day period, allowing drivers more than four months to pay tolls owed.

“Our new and improved bridges mean faster and safer commutes for drivers every day, and are opening the door to new economic opportunities for our region,” said Megan McLain, innovative finance manager with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. “It’s important all drivers using the bridges pay their fair share. Vehicle registration holds are a common enforcement option used by several states to help ensure required tolls and fees are paid.”

RiverLink is expected to begin placing holds on vehicle registrations starting in mid-October, and will place registration holds on appropriate vehicles on a continuing basis.

“We don’t want drivers to be caught by surprise,” said Scott Adams, Indiana Department of Transportation director of tolling for the Ohio River bridges.  “We’re letting them know now that registration holds will soon be issued, in hopes that affected drivers will reach out to RiverLink and pay tolls owed. By doing so, they can avoid a hold when going to renew their vehicle registration.”

RiverLink customer service will send written notification of registration holds to vehicle owners. Collection calls are also made to affected customers. If a customer does not answer the phone, a message is left to contact RiverLink for important account information.

Releasing a Vehicle Registration Hold

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and Kentucky Motor Vehicle Licensing (MVL) are notified when they are required to place a hold on a vehicle registration.  Drivers who owe back tolls will not be allowed to renew their vehicle registration until tolls and fees owed are paid in full.

Payment in full is required for RiverLink to release the vehicle registration hold.

Payment must be made directly to RiverLink and CAN NOT be accepted by the IN BMV, the KY MVL or a County Clerk’s Office in Kentucky.

Paying Tolls Owed

Drivers have several options to pay tolls owed:

  • Pay online at using the reference and license plate numbers on toll notices.
  • Call RiverLink customer service at 1-855-748-5465 and pay using the automated phone system using the reference number on toll notices, or speak with a customer service representative.
  • Visit a RiverLink customer service center at:
    • 103 Quartermaster Ct., Jeffersonville, IN
    • 400 E. Main St., Suite 102, Louisville, KY

Customer service centers are open Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Shortly after tolls are paid, RiverLink will notify the IN BMV or KY MVL to release the hold on the registration.

Drivers will also receive a RiverLink notification letter in the mail stating the registration hold has been released.

Payment plans can be established at any time during the invoicing escalation process by calling RiverLink customer service. Customers are required to pay a down payment of 10 percent of tolls and fees owed, and a minimum payment amount over a specified time period. However, vehicle registration holds are only released after payment in full has been received.