RiverLink customers can easily pay their monthly bills online. They simply need to have their monthly bill and license plate numbers, and follow these steps:

  1. Go to RiverLink.com.
  2. Click the green Pay Bill or Open/Manage Account button.
  3. Enter your monthly bill number and license plate number at the top of the page.

RiverLink has streamlined the landing page for paying monthly bills and managing prepaid accounts. Previously, some site users were attempting to enter a username or password. That information is only for drivers managing prepaid RiverLink accounts. The section to pay a toll has been moved to the top of the payment page.

Drivers with prepaid accounts will simply scroll down to enter their information and manage their accounts to view crossings, sign up for auto-replenishment, add a vehicle, etc.

Monthly billing resumed this fall after being on hold since April 2023 during the transition to a new toll service provider. As customers receive their monthly bills, they may want to consider RiverLink Fee Forgiveness. Tolls are rolled back to transponder rates and fees are waived when a driver opens a prepaid account. Eligible drivers save 50 percent, so the savings can be substantial.

The fastest, easiest and most cost-efficient way to cross a tolled bridge is with a prepaid account and transponder. With a prepaid account in good standing, you’ll pay the lowest toll rates. Drivers can visit this page to set up a prepaid account.