What is a RiverLink transponder?

A transponder is an electronic device placed on the inside of the windshield that is used to detect crossings on a tolled facility. Customers with transponders and prepaid accounts in good standing pay the lowest toll rates.   

What are my transponder choices?

RiverLink has two types of transponders: the RiverLink local transponder and the RiverLink E-ZPass transponder. 

How do I get a transponder?

Customers who are new to RiverLink can get a transponder by opening a prepaid account. Customers who already have a prepaid account can request a transponder online by logging in to the account and updating the license plate information, calling RiverLink or visiting a customer service center.

Where do I mount my transponder?

For most vehicles, the transponder is placed on the inside of the windshield, as high and as central as possible, close to the rearview mirror. Place three inches away from any metal, tint, antennae or defroster. Avoid the black dots that may surround the rearview mirror. They can keep your transponder from being read accurately. 

What if I already have an E-ZPass transponder from another tolling agency?

Any E-ZPass transponder works on the local tolled bridges. View the E-ZPass map here.

What transponder is used for a motorcycle?

A RiverLink E-ZPass transponder is recommended for motorcycles, and customers should purchase a transponder holder. Several holder options can be found through third-party vendors with an online search. 

Can I have two transponders in my vehicle at the same time?

No. Customers should have only one transponder in their vehicle. Having two transponders in a vehicle can result in invoice errors and may result in double charges.  

Do I need a RiverLink transponder for each car I own?

Yes, all newly added vehicles or updated vehicles will require a RiverLink local transponder associated to it. RiverLink Local transponders may not be moved from one vehicle to another. The only exception are to vehicles added onto registered accounts prior to September 1, 2023 which are allowed to maintain a 1:4 ratio of E-ZPass transponders to vehicles (license plates).  

Can I use my E-ZPass transponder in a rental vehicle?

Customers may be able to use their own E-ZPass transponder in a rental vehicle by mounting the transponder properly and temporarily adding the rental vehicle to the prepaid account. However, check with the rental car company for its policy and options for paying tolls. Each company has its own policy.